Funeral Flowers

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Funeral Wreath F001-  small wreath for male
a small bright wreath suitible for male apox 35-40cm with a mix of seasonal flowers in purple and..
Ex Tax: $77.27
Funeral Wreath F002-  large wreath for male
large wreath suitable for male with a mix of seasonal flower in green, red, purple and yellow. ap..
Ex Tax: $159.09
Funeral Wreath F003-  large wreath for Female
large wreath suitable for a female, a mix of seasonal flowers of pinks, burgandy, and white appro..
Ex Tax: $159.09
Funeral Wreath F004-  Small wreath for Female
small wreath suitable for a Female with a mix of seasonal flowers in pinks, burgandy and white ap..
Ex Tax: $77.27
Bouquet BQ11 - White Oriental Lillies and Tropical greenery
A flat sheaf of all White Oriental Lillies that have a fragrance and Tropical greenery ..
Ex Tax: $68.18
Bouquet BQ13 - Gerberas and Speargrass
Vibrant sheaf with 10 steams of Mixed Coloured Gerberas and greenery. ..
Ex Tax: $63.64